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This ministry came about after I was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia on February 12, 2013. A couple from our small group at church came to visit me in the hospital and brought me a blanket. Words can’t even describe the comfort that it brought. The blankets in the hospital were so thin and scratchy and I was so cold all the time. When I used my new blanket for the first time, it was so warm and incredibly soft! I was so happy to get rid of the scratchy blanket!

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Our church had a women's event on Saturday and the Blanket of Love Ministry was promoted and $750 was given to buy more blankets! I am so thankful to all who gave! Below is the website where people can contribute! Giving the gift of warmth, hope and comfort is amazing, while going through cancer treatments. It also is a tax write-off.
Have a blessed day!

On one of the nights that I was having a hard time sleeping, I had a thought! I posted on my Facebook and my Caring Bridge Journal that I would love to start a ministry where other leukemia patients could receive the same warmth and comfort that my blanket brought to me! Thank you to so many, over 80 blankets were collected and all of them were distributed!

At first I was able to go and deliver some of them, but then the HIPPA law became a problem at the hospital and they said I couldn’t go inside the rooms anymore. I was so disappointed. The hospital staff said that they would continue to pass them out with my card and they did! I recently stopped in the hospital to say hi to all of the wonderful caregivers and they said the blankets are the talk amongst all the patients! They said we don’t have any more blankets to give out and I said I’m all out too, but I will see what I can do to get more!

I’m attaching a link so you can see what blanket we are using for the ministry…


When this blanket is on sale, the price is $23.99 and with a 15% coupon, it brings the total with tax down to $21.82. We will be able to get more blankets for our money when there is a higher coupon available and also the Kohl’s cash will help too!

This page is being set up so it will be very easy to contribute using a PayPal account or a credit/debit card. I can go to the store to order the blankets and have them shipped directly to me. It is hard to find them in stock, but they can be ordered in the store and the shipping is free!

A BIG thank you to my friends Mary & Ben Andrews, who are setting up this site. This donation is tax deductible, so be sure to print your receipt! It is a secure site as well!

If you can’t give the whole amount, it’s okay… anything collected will help buy blankets! I can’t wait to continue on with this ministry. My prayer is that it will bless others, as much as it was a blessing to me!

Thank you so much ~
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P.S. This is the card that is given with the blanket…


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